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A Word for Parents (part 1)

A Word for Parents
1. A Word for Parents (part 1)

From an imperfect parent,

Disobedience in children is rampant. Go to Walmart and just watch how children act towards their parents. Even in families claiming to be Christian lack of respect is evident. In many cases I have found the blame is more on the parents than the child. Parents depart from Scripture and raise their children as society does. A father thinks he has done his duty by providing for the home and putting food on the table, and sometimes being the moral policeman. The mother also is content with putting food on the table and working in or out of the home. However, both make themselves slaves of their children instead of training them to be useful. How many of us do tasks that our children should be doing, allowing our children freedom for wanton laziness?

Our home should be an example of heaven, orderly full of love and sanctifying. It has become as AW Pink has said “a filling station for the day and a parking place for the night.”

It is evident that we cannot properly disciple our children if we are selves are not disciplined. Do we allow our temper free reign? Do our emotions run rampant without control? We parents must be subject to God and be able to train our children to fall in this role. if a man or woman knows not how to rule his own spirit (Prov. 25:28) how shall he care for his offspring.

This may sound unduly harsh, but we parents are entrusted with the future of the Church and the State, if you do not cultivate fruitfulness in your children now what will the future look like? This heavy and solemn task requires prayer, and if trustfully and earnestly sought God’s grace will be sufficient. Scripture will supply us our rules.

Matthew Statler, Youth Minister

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