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Starting Point

To get started on your life-changing journey with God we invite you to come and worship with us on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM or 11 AM.

Worshipping God is the starting point for new life.

After the service, come and talk to us at the Connection Center, located in the lobby, to hear about other steps you can take to grow spiritually.


Baptisms take place in our morning worship services at 9:30 AM or 11 AM, on the first Sunday of each month.

Confessing Jesus as Lord, and expressing this commitment through baptism, is the most important decision you’ll make in your life.

How do you know you’re ready to be baptized? You’re ready when you realize trying to do life on your own isn’t working, and you’ve turned to Jesus Christ in faith, confessed Him as Lord and Savior, and committed to follow Him.

TVBC performs baptisms by immersion. Based on clear biblical direction, immersion is the proper mode of baptism. Recognizing that many of you were “sprinkled” as children or adults, we ask you to be immersed. Baptism by immersion doesn’t invalidate the importance of what parents or spiritual mentors did for you…it’s simply the next step in your spiritual journey. Immersion is a decision we make for ourselves as believers.

To hear Pastor Jared’s message on baptism and what we believe, watch the video below:

Baptism services are meaningful and exciting events for our entire church family. This day is an amazing experience for every person who makes the decision!

Membership Class

TVBC’s Membership Class has four areas of focus:

  1. Information: Who is TVBC?
  2. Expectation: What is expected of TVBC members?
  3. Mindset: What is a healthy attitude for a church member to have?
  4. Equip: What tools are available to help a member grow?

The class is informal, interactive, filled with relevant information, and it’s a great place to meet new people.

To sign up, email us at or call us at 254-939-0503.

Life Groups

Joining a Life Group is the best way to connect at TVBC. Life Groups offer opportunities for adults to connect with others like themselves in ways that are comfortable, yet challenging, and fun. Meet new people, study the Bible, seek God, develop friendships, and enjoy authentic community.

TVBC Life Groups meet at 9:30 AM and 11 AM every Sunday.

Check out the list below and find something that fits you! If you have questions or don’t find a group that fits your needs, contact us at or call us at 254-939-0503. Someone at our Connect Center, located in the lobby, can also help you find a group on Sunday morning.

9:30 AM Life Groups: 

Men’s 2: A men’s class that welcomes all ages but typically has men 50+. Room 105
Legacy Builders: A class for all comers with singles and couples in the class together. Typical age range between late 30s to 50s. Room 302
Lifepoint: A senior adults class for singles and couples alike. Typical age range is 60+. Room 303
Deborah: A senior ladies class with the typical age range of 70+. Room 304
Disciple Makers:  A class for all comers, singles and couples alike. There is a wide age range with many in their early to mid-30s as well as 40s. Room 305
Ruth: A senior ladies class with a typical age range of 60+. Room 306
Faith Builders: A class of predominately couples in their 50s and 60 but with couples and singles of all ages welcome as well. Room 308
Lydia: A ladies class that has ladies from their 20s up to their 60s. Room 406
Cornerstone: A senior adult class that meets in the fellowship hall of couples and singles alike. Typical members are 60+. Fellowship Hall

11:00 AM Life Groups: 

Pathfinders: A young adult class for those in their 20s and early 30s. A place to grow in community, develop relationships, and dive into scripture. Room 306
Lifepoint 2: A class for all comers that walks through scripture using handouts as a guided tool. Room 308
Gathering of Men: A brand new men’s class for all ages. Room 105
Capstone: A discussion based class for all comers with a typical age range of 50+. Fellowship Hall

Serve at TVBC

Change lives by serving! At TVBC, there are countless ways to use the gifts God has given you to make a difference in people’s lives. Join other volunteers who are holding babies, teaching children, spending time with teens, greeting guests, parking cars, serving refreshments, helping at the food pantry and a ton of other things in between.

If you’re ready to make some connections and get more involved in the great things happening at TVBC, let us help find the best place for you to serve.

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New service times: 9:30 AM and 11 AM. Worship and Life Groups in both sessions.