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Amy Valenta
My Hope For TVBC

My hope for TVBC is that we would be a church that follows and lives out the Great Commission by seeking ways to make disciples in a day and age when following Christ is not easy.

God was gracious in allowing me to be born into a family that faithfully loves and serves Him. My dad is a pastor, so I grew up watching ministry behind the scenes. At the age of 7, God revealed Himself to me in a new light, and I knew that I needed to pray and ask Him for forgiveness. I prayed that He would change me to become more like Him and repented of the life I had been living.

At 7, I did not fully understand what “The Gospel”, “Mercy”, or “Grace” really meant. However, throughout my childhood, teenage, and young adult years, God brought some awesome mentors into my life (while continuing to use my parents and 3 incredible sisters) that were willing to step in and show me what it meant to live a godly life and how to pursue God with more passion than I have ever known before.

I graduated from UMHB with a Bachelor of General Studies, with concentrations in Psychology and Christian Studies, in December of 2015. In January of 2016, God called me to move to Beaumont, Texas to serve as a Campus Ministry Intern with the Baptist Student Ministry at Lamar University. Through serving in that position, the Lord gave me a passion for College Ministry and revealed to me a calling for ministry, unaware of what that looks like.

After 2 and a half years of living in Beaumont and through a crazy journey, God led me to become the Office Manager here at Taylor’s Valley Baptist Church. What an awesome God to bring me to a position where I can exercise my talents and passions daily! I’m ecstatic to serve a church that loves God and desires to bring people to know Him.

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