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Jared Burt

My Hope for TVBC

My Hope for TVBC is that we would be a place where every person delights in God deeply, is changed by the good news of King Jesus, and experiences the life-giving fullness of the Spirit.

The Lord blessed me with Christian parents who attended church regularly. My family and godly people in my church home taught me the Scriptures and modeled the way of Jesus. I became a follower of Jesus Christ at an early age and grew up loving God and church.

But by the time I was a senior in high school my love ran cold. Bored with church, I went through whatever religious motions I had to in order to meet the expectations of others. I was empty and broken inside even if no one knew it.

By God’s grace, I went on a mission trip to Seattle, Washington. It was on this trip that my life radically changed. I realized the good news of who Jesus is and what He did for the world was too wonderful to keep quiet about. It became my mission to help others experience the transforming and life-giving grace of God. Shortly after the trip I announced to my church family God was calling me to be a minister.

From there I went to college and seminary to be trained as a ministry leader and pastor. I was licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel and started my journey as a Senior Pastor in 2005, at First Baptist Church Crims Chapel. I have been a pastor ever since.

While in college I met my beautiful wife, Sara. God has blessed us with four wonderful children. In 2016 I became the Senior Pastor of Taylor’s Valley Baptist Church.

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